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Gippsland Smart Specialisation
Gippsland Smart Specialisation

Gippsland Smart Specialisation

The Latrobe Valley Authority together with a range of industry, education, government, and community partners are working closely with the Gippsland Climate Change Network to identify opportunities to further leverage new energy as one of Gippsland’s regional strengths working as part of Gippsland’s Smart Specialisation approach.

Esther Lloyd | Project Manager |

Gippsland New Energy

Under the auspice of GCCN the Latrobe Valley Authority allocated funds to engage a Gippsland wide New Energy Officer, with the important role of building on the success of the 2022 Gippsland New Energy Conference to develop the 2023 program. The New Energy Officer works with industry and local government partners to continue the industry forums and to develop and launch the Gippsland New Energy web portal to keep the community informed about the rapidly expanding developments in the region and to be a trusted and independent source of information.
For more information visit  Gippsland New Energy Conference Website

Michelle Isles | Senior Advisor New Energy Development |

Latrobe Valley Authority
Gippsland New Energy Conference 2023 - Powering up
Gippsland Alliance for Climate Action
Gippsland Alliance for Climate Action

Gippsland Alliance for Climate Action (GACA)

Under the auspice of GCCN and with funding from the state government Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, East Gippsland, Latrobe, South Gippsland, and Wellington Shire councils have formed the Gippsland Alliance for Climate Action (GACA) a local government specific climate organisation that aims to provide stronger advocacy capacity for the region and a more coordinated Gippsland approach to climate change.

GCCN has been a member of the Victorian Green House Alliance and represented Gippsland at a state level for many years and will hand this responsibility to GACA.
For more information visit the GACA website.

Tiffany Harrison | GACA Coordinator |