Energise Gippsland

“A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future” Gloria Reuben

We believe people and communities deserve energy freedom. To help us do this Energise Gippsland operates as a subsidiary or service platform for the Gippsland Climate Change Network and focused on community energy projects and partnered initiatives with other organisations.

We aim to:

  • Showcase local and international renewable energy innovation.
  • Promote energy efficiency technology in homes and some business communities.
  • Improve access to community energy initiatives.
  • Support large-scale renewable energy developments by building social licence.
  • Increase local energy security and contribute to meeting Victoria’s renewable energy targets.
Renewable Fund

Renewable Fund

The Energise Gippsland Renewable Fund provides a safe way for community organisations and business to fund their renewable energy projects. The Fund helps put solar on their premises immediately saving money on their energy bill and reducing their carbon emissions.

Community Power Hub

Community Power Hub

Community Energy refers to projects where a community initiates, develops, operates, and benefits from renewable energy. Our aim is to be an independent voice for advice, to identify and overcome challenges communities may face in delivering their renewable energy projects, and inspire other communities to consider renewable solutions.

Energise Gippsland

Energise Gippsland Projects

Latrobe Valley Energy and Growth Fund (LVEGF)

As part of the Latrobe Valley Energy and Growth Program GCCN was awarded two projects. The first is to install solar at Yallambee Aged Care in Traralgon and the second to install a demonstration floating solar system at Lardner Park.

  • Lardner Park floating solar project is to install a demonstration floating solar system on a dam at Lardner Park. The aim is to demonstrate that floating solar can reduce water loss due to evaporation, improve efficiency and utilise farm dams that are unavailable for farm enterprise. The PV works more efficiently due to the cooling action of the water, and it is a way of having large solar arrays on farm without taking up valuable production land.
  • The Yallambee Aged Care project is to install a 275kW of solar system on their roof with the aim to significantly drop their current power costs.

eV Chargers AGL Partnership

With the support of an AGL grant and partnership agreement we are working to install ten electric vehicle chargers to improve access throughout Gippsland. We have several sites under review and hope to have the first installs shortly.

Energy Assesments

Energy Assessments

Energise Gippsland is partnered with the Baw Baw Sustainability Network (BBSN) to deliver practical assessments and advice services to households and small businesses. To help local people save energy and money while also making homes more comfortable and healthy to live in.

Baw Baw Sustainability Network

Energy Freedom
Baw Baw Sustainability Network

Servicing Baw Baw, Latrobe, and South Gippsland

Guest Energy

Guest Energy
Energy Consultant | Paul Guest
Bairnsdale (Servicing East Gippsland)