Gippsland Smart Specialisation (GS3)

In a snapshot, smart specialisation is a methodology developed by the European Union and adapted by the Latrobe Valley Authority to better understand exactly what assets the Gippsland region could build upon via shared visioning and strategic development, to secure long-term social and economic benefits. They partnered with the Gippsland Climate Change Network in 2020 to refine and manage inquiry tasks, innovation networks, and facilitate broader uptake of this model.

For success we believe we need to work on four integrated actions: 

  • To enable collaborative networks with shared intent through multi-level governance and leadership
  • Identify and advance areas of competitive advantage
  • Partner to develop knowledge and skills that align with regional strengthens
  • Facilitate the development and activation of people, places, and spaces

The GS3 purpose is to be a catalyst for place-based transition, transformation and long-term sustainable prosperity.

The model is designed to work in addition to business-as-usual opportunities with the aim of producing robust and tested social and economic business cases by including community, government, education, and industry representatives from discovery, to scoping, through to the delivery innovation opportunity.

Latrobe Valley Authority
Gippsland Smart Specialisation Showcase
Bemm River Mens shed
Sorgham Crop trail field
SG3 showcase

Areas explored in community energy include:

  • Solar panel reuse and recycling
  • Building community energy capacity in Gippsland
  • Town scale microgrids and virtual power plants
  • Resilient community energy centres
  • Emergency/ mobile energy systems

Areas explored in bioeconomy include:

  • Gippsland Bioenergy Development Framework
  • Gippsland Biomass Audit and Analysis
  • Pyrolysis technology scan
  • Biomass crop trials of sorghum
  • Local circular economy and industry opportunities

Areas explored in geothermal include:

  • Global market scan: competitive advantage of the Gippsland geothermal resource
  • Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre case study
  • Geothermal mapping tool
  • Exploring the value propositions for low-temperature opportunities

If you would like to know more or to be involved in any of the opportunities outlined, please contact:

Esther Lloyd, Project Manager for GS3 Community Energy |

Ash Hall, Project Manager GS3 Energy and Waste (bioenergy and geothermal) |