Renewable Energy Demonstration (RED) Trailer

Renewable Energy Demonstration (RED) Trailer

The GCCN Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer (RED Trailer) program promotes renewable energy options and raises new energy awareness at schools, community events and festivals across Gippsland.

The community grant from AGL and the partnership with TAFE Gippsland has enabled the RED Trailer to be totally refurbished to include recent new energy technologies and to develop the support of educational opportunities.

The RED Trailer is always in high demand to attend festivals, schools, sustainability events and Landcare functions across Gippsland. In the past year via dozens of events, the message of the importance of renewable energy for our environment, and the career opportunities that the new energy sector brings to Gippsland has been delivered to approximately 500 Students and about 1000 public contacts from Orbost to Bunyip and Coronet Bay to Loch Sport.

The RED Trailer partnered with TAFE Gippsland and the AGL sponsored student engagement component of the highly successful Gippsland Renewable Energy Conference 2022. This gave Sale secondary students the opportunity to attend the first session of the conference, and then tour the new TAFE Gippsland Port of Sale Campus. The partnership with TAFE continued with attendance at the TAFE Gippsland Engineering Conference and Gippsland TECH College Science Week.

GCCN is grateful for the support of AGL and TAFE Gippsland so we can bring the message of renewables to the Gippsland community.

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RED Trailer has been involved in community engagement, introducing new technology education pathways, sustainable energy applications and energy efficiencies for the home since 2012.

GippsTafe (now TAFE Gippsland) in partnership with Gippsland Climate Change Network, (GCCN) Eco Hub Gippsland, and Gippsland Resource Management Group, developed a schools engagement program identifying key learning areas aligned with the Energy Module in the Victorian curriculum.

In 2022 GCCN entered a new partnership with AGL and TAFE Gippsland to refurbish the RED Trailer’s technology and renewable energy components to enhance its education and engagement program.

The RED Trailer has up-to-date technology to enable combinations of standalone off grid energy production, solar and wind and storage options that power a computer modelling system, to display real time data of energy produced and used and internet for access for online resources on two large monitors.

The RED Trailer has been designed to attend schools, community events, and local council activities and the program can be tailored to the needs of the audience.

Our RED Trailer Team, Ian Southall and Dan Caffrey have extensive teaching experience. Ian has been involved in the program since 2012 and Dan has recently joined the team but has a long career as a science teacher.

RED Trailer
RED Trailer
RED Trailer
RED Trailer