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Shaping Tomorrow’s Future

In 2018 the Gippsland Climate Change Network partnered with Melbourne based not-for-profit, Climate for Change to run a conversation program focused in the Latrobe Valley and surrounds.

Awarded a Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation (VCCCI) grant to upskill local people to more effectively engage their communities around climate change and energy transitions. The Latrobe Valley in Gippsland has a long, and proud connection to brown coal energy generation. However, while the economics of this situation have been largely explored, the cultural shift required to bring these communities together so they can engage with a rapid Just Transition, has not.

Two cohorts of training were run in 2019 for participants across the community. These facilitators went on to hold over 60 hours of kitchen-table conversations with others in their community.

The program is now a collective of people connected to Latrobe Valley and surrounding areas that invites many of the individuals who have worked in this space over the years to join us to build upon what they have achieved over the years.

Their focus is to see the Latrobe Valley and wider Gippsland transition to a zero emissions economy that makes for a prosperous, thriving, connected and fair community. They believe the best chance for this to happen is when people from all sectors of our community are calling for and contributing to that transition.

Communities Leading Change Magazine: Transitions

Communities Leading Change (CLC) recently published Transitions. Printed in July 2021, the 86-page magazine tells the stories of more than 25 Latrobe Valley and wider Gippsland residents following on from the CLC program. For further information and to download your copy of Transitions go to the CLC website.

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